An Access Number is a telephone number you first dial to use the World Talk service.  Below you may see our local and toll-free access numbers.  You should always use a local access number whenever possible, as it is the least expensive method of using your Calling Card. If you do not have a local access number in your area you must use a toll-free access number. An additional per call fee applies when using a toll-free access number. For more information please contact Customer Service at 1-877-951-2022.

No additional per call charges apply.

Locate a local access number

Enter the area code you plan to call from.
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IMPORTANT! Using local access numbers will only be cost effective if the access number is a local call from the phone that is originating the connection. NOT ALL CALLS WITHIN THE SAME AREA CODE ARE NECESSARILY LOCAL CALLS. If you are unsure whether an access number is a local call for you, please contact your local telephone service provider.

California Nevada Arizona New Mexico Oklahoma Washington Idaho Oregon Montana Wyoming Utah Colorado Kansas Nebraska South Dakota North Dakota Minnesota Iowa Missouri Arkansas Louisianna Wisconson Illinois Kentucky Tennesse Mississippi Alabama Indiana Michigan Ohio West Virginia Virginia North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Pennsylvannia New York Vermont New Hampshire Maine Massachusetts Connecticut Rhode Island New Jersey Delaware Washington, D.C. Alaska Hawaii Maryland Texas New Jersey British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario Yukon Nunavut Northwest Territories New Brunswick Nova Scotia Quebec Newfoundland and Labrador

1-800-432-49311nection fee applies
3 additional per minute

These numbers will not work outside of the continental US.

When using our toll free numbers from a payphone, an FCC mandated charge of 35 per 800 call will apply.

From Canada dial
15 additional per minute, no connection fee

From Hawaii and Alaska dial
15 additional per minute, no connection fee

From Puerto Rico dial
15 additional per minute, no connection fee